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PRODuctivity boost

Get more work done in less time.

Unleash your productivity like never before with Arana Assistant. From swiftly writing content to curating personalized suggestions and providing instant translations, Arana Assistant is your personal digital aide in the palm of your hand. This powerful tool helps you navigate the information superhighway, simplify complex problems, and turn your ideas into reality in less time. With Arana Assistant, let’s redefine efficiency, redefine productivity.


Empowering the visually impaired.

Arana Assistant redefines accessibility for the visually impaired, transforming everyday digital interactions into a symphony of understanding. By transcribing images into text, it opens up a new realm of communication. It narrates the visual world, translating family photos, infographics, and more, into rich, understandable descriptions. This powerful tool bridges the gap between visual content and comprehension, ensuring that the visually impaired can fully participate in digital life.


Arana Assistant is built with a focus on accessibilty, ensuring easy use for all.


Image recognition built in. Send a picture, get a description.


Fluently understands more than 50 languages right from the start.


Transcribe audio messages in seconds.


Talk to your documents! Get a summary of your scans and ask for more details.


Your messages are encrypted and stored securely on servers in the EU under strict privacy laws.


A platform that keeps growing.

With a multi-platform app coming out soon on iOS, Android, macOS and Windows your benefits of being part of the Arana ecosystem keep growing.

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