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Arana Assistant is an AI-powered digital assistant on WhatsApp designed to boost productivity and make everyday tasks more efficient. It can answer a wide range of questions, generate content, curate personalized suggestions, provide instant translations, and even transcribe images into text, which is particularly beneficial for the visually impaired. It is fast, accessible, speech-enabled, secure, and continuously evolving.

You can send text messages to communicate with Arana Assistant. Additionally, you can send images for the assistant to recognize and describe. Arana Assistant is also capable of understanding voice messages in over 50 languages. In the near future, it will also support sending documents.

Arana Assistant is built with a focus on accessibility and is ideal for the visually impaired, people who aren’t tech-savvy, older generations, and those who prefer not to install an additional app on their phone. However, its broad range of features makes it a useful tool for anyone seeking to enhance productivity and efficiency in their daily life.

You can purchase the Basic plan for 4,99€ / month (49,99€ / year – 2 months free), the Premium plan for 9,99€ / month (99,99€ / year – 2 months free) and the Unlimited plan for 19,99€ / month (199,99€ / year – 2 months free). For more information on pricing, please refer to the plans available on Arana Assistant’s Plans Page.

You can pay by clicking on one of the subscription links on the payment page and proceeding through Stripe. Alternatively, you can contact Arana Assistant via WhatsApp at +49 160 91072525 or via email at for additional payment options.

Commands can be used to customize Arana Assistant. You can enter commands directly by typing an exclamation mark followed by the command, e.g., !help. Alternatively, you can use natural language by typing “Arana” followed by your request, e.g., “Arana, I want to switch the language to English.” Here are some examples of commands:

  • !help returns the list of available commands.
  • !language switches the assistant’s system language.
  • !languages returns a list of available system languages.
  • !transcribe toggles audio transcription on or off.
  • !voice toggles voice replies on or off.

Arana Assistant fluently understands more than 50 languages when you send voice messages. Our system (the messages regarding your subscription status and additional information) only supports the following languages:

  • English (en-US)
  • German (Deutsch – de-DE)
  • Spanish (Español – es-ES)
  • French (Français – fr-FR)
  • Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia – id-ID)
  • Italian (Italiano – it-IT)
  • Portuguese (Português – pt-PT)
  • Russian (Русский – ru-RU)
  • Ukrainian (Українська – uk-UA)

For an updated list of supported languages, you can use the !languages command.

Your data is encrypted and securely stored on servers located in Frankfurt, Germany, under strict EU privacy laws.

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